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Of all church denominations on earth, only the Church of God, under leadership of Herbert Armstrong, can prove accuracy when it comes to the Church Eras mentioned in Revelation. As Herbert explained in the video History of the True Church (Transition from Sardis to Philadelphia), how a false Church (the Roman Catholic Church) came to power, and what happened after the first Church Era. He talks about the purpose of the Church, and how the True Church, was called a little flock and heavily persecuted after 100 years, a complete different Church, emerged to the service. Already in the first Church Era true followers of Christ had to content for the faith once delivered unto the saints because of a false gospel. With it, it also plagued the True Church during all the Church Eras.  The influences of the Roman Catholic Church (Church service, the ministerial hierarchy, teachings of the Nicolaitons) has also crept into the True Church of God. When you read 1 Corinthians chapter 12 and chapter 14, it is completely different assembly then what we have today

Purpose of the Church

Is to preach the Gospel of the Kingdom of God, the same Gospel Jesus preached, and those who are called out of this world have to repent, be baptized, to receive the Holy Spirit and learn and live Gods way of Life, a totally different way then the worlds (Satans way). Herbert called it a "New Civilization". He speaks about the Gospel of the Kingdom of God  which he faithfully preached for over 50 years 1:10:52 min., 1st resurrection (stage 2) 1:11:59 min., those resurrected reign with Christ in the Millennium and teach those who survived the Great Tribulation and the Day of the Lord 1:12:23 min., and after the 1,000 years (stage 3) the Great White Throne Judgement Period begins, when all the dead will rise to be judged. Those who never heard of the true Gospel Jesus preached will have a chance to repent and learn Gods truth. Herbert states at the end 1:14:11 min. we will all be in the God Family, born of the Spirit, the true purpose for Mankind.
It is obvious Herbert didn't had all the details, but he knew what Gods overall Plan for Mankind was. Today, we live in the Laodicea Era, and God has revealed much more understanding and in more detail than the previous Era. We have to contend for the faith once delivered unto God's holy people (Jude 1:3). We have to hold fast (Rev 3:11).

Are you qualifying or disqualifying yourself