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Life today is much different than the time of the Ancient World before the flood. Life today is much different when Ancient Israel lived in the Holy Land. For the past 250 years we live in a chemical invironment. The industrial revolution started at 1750 in England and spread throughout Europe early 1900s. The air we breathe, the food we eat. The soil of the earth and the sea. Everything is polluted. Yet, God expects us to take good care of our body. But, how can we do that, if we have no understanding. If we never have learned this in school? What if we have been deliberately kept ignorant and in the dark on the matter? What if we have been indoctrinated to trust regular healthcare? Why do we have to use pharmacheutical drugs to make us better, or at least feel less pain, doctors claim? It is all symptom treatment what they do. They NEVER TREAT THE CAUSE. Why? Because the pharmaceutical industry makes lots of money, and they want to keep it that way. Who are behind BIG PHARMA? The richest people on earth.


Just imagine you drive your car and it takes one full tank to get from location A to B. I bet you would never try it on a tank that's half full. You know you will not arrive. Same with our body, but the pharmaceutical industry has our healthcare in such a grip, and we are so brainwashed by commercials on TV, radio and other ways, we rather believe our doctors with their unscientific treatments then the truth when presented. This subject is one of the most important on this website. How we can keep our bodies healthy. Three important steps:


  1. Drink sufficient water. Divide body weight (in kilograms) : 28. For example 60 : 28 = 2,14 means AT LEAST 2,14 liters of water DAILY besides, your coffee, orange jus, milk, tea etc.
  2. Air. We need oxygen
  3. Food = vitamines and minerals. Vitamine C intake = 50mg per kilo. This means when your body weight is 60 kg you need AT LEAST 3000 mg vitamine C EVERY DAY. It has been proven we never have this kind of intake through our meals per day
  4. 30 - 60 minutes exercise a day


​Dr Gabor Lenkei is one of the doctors who uses plain language why people get sick. What extreme dificiency can do to a body, but most important, HOW THE BODY CAN HEAL IT SELF when your intake of vitamines and minerals are right for your body weight. He exposes big lies about Cholesterol, Diabetes, Cancer and Heart Diseases, Obesity, High Blood Pressure and many more. Books available in Dutch language PDF free download for study purposes only.

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