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Praise ye the Lord! Praise ye the Lord!
Praise from the heavens and praise in the heights!
Praise Him ye angels, Praise Him ye hosts, And
Praise Him ye sun, moon and stars in the heights!
Heaven of heavens, waters above
Praise the Eternal let all praise His Name!
When He commanded, they were created, And
by a decree fixed their bounds evermore!
Praise ye the Lord! Ye mammals and deeps too,
Fire, hail and wind storms fulfilling His word!
Vapours and snow, all hills, too, and mountains, All
cedars and fruitful trees, let's praise His Name!
Wild beasts and cattle, birds and all reptiles,
Earth's kings and judges, all people and chiefs;
Young men and maidens, old men and children; All
praise ye the name of our God evermore!
Praise ye the Lord! Praise ye the Lord!
Praise from the heavens ans praise in the heights!
Praise Him ye angels, Praise Him ye hosts, His
glory is higher than heaven above;
God lifted high the horn of His people,
He has exalted the praise of His saints;
They are a people near unto God, The
children of Israel, Praise ye the Lord!


Hymnal 112, Psalm 148

Want to learn more about Zetetic Astronomy?

Download the "Zetetic Astronomy - Earth Not a Globe" book by Samuel Birley Rowbotham for more information.

Globe: The biggest LIE ever told to Mankind

About this topic I want to be brief. Not too much words using. You belief it or you don't. It is that simple. But I ask you, have you EVER questioned the possibility you do not live on a spinning ball? Just watch all the video's posted here, and after that accept the truth presented here based on Bible Scriptures, or reject it. I know it is a challenge, because I have been there myself, but most of the topics on this website are. Jesus never said it would be easy to follow Him and believe Him, especially in the End Times.
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The heav'ns God's glory do decleare, the skies His
handiworks teach: Day after day their speech pours
forth, and knowledge, night after night. There is no speech nor spoken word; their voice is never heard; And yet their voice spreads to all the earth, their works to the ends of the world.
The heav'ns a tent for the sun He made, Which comes forth like a bridegroom, leaving his chamber, glowing bright, to run his course with joy. From heaven's end its rising is, its circuit to its ends; And there is nothing from its heat, no nothing is hidden there of.
The law of God is a perfect law, For it converts the soul; Sure are the sayings of our God, they make the simple wise Statutes of God are right and just, and do rejoice the heart, The Lord's commandments are pure and clear, and light to the mind impart
 Hymnal 16, Psalm 19